The Characters


The Fishfinger Twins (Chub and Monk) have bright red spikey hair, and are Fishcake Harry's cousins.


Fishcake Harry's elderly neighbour who's skin reminds Fishcake Harry of a dried apple.


Fishcake Harry is a kind and helpful chap, with a fluffy, crumbly body and very very long arms which can stretch. His stretchy arms have come in very useful in rescuing people in so many ways. He is especially kind to elderly people and children.


Fishcake Harry's boss at the local supermarket, who's bald head reminds Fishcake Harry of a light bulb.


Joe has been Fishcake Harry's best friend since school days.


The local sweet shop owners who have blush red rosy cheeks and long pointy noses, their family owned shop sells the most delicious sweets ever tasted.


Fishcake Harry's naughty, but very cute, one eyed cat.


A series of short stories based on an incredible fictional character called 'Fishcake Harry'

Written within each chapter are values expressed by some lovable characters who demonstrate to children great qualities & morals such as Kindness, Loyalty, Thoughtfulness and Care.

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I was born in Liverpool the eldest of 5 children, I now live in Aughton, Lancashire.

This is the first book I have written and I have dedicated it to the memory of my late mother, Marjorie.

My mum loved children especially her grandchildren, I often found her playing games with them right up into her 80yrs.
I hope you enjoy the book with the knowledge that you are supporting my favourite childrens charity Alder Hey Hospital.

Thank You.


When Sue came across me, I'd just been rescued by Fishcake Harry after sleepwalking to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

I have always enjoyed drawing [see the backs of my school books!] and this sort of job was fun to do.

I have lived in the NW of England for forty years - having been brought up in Australia.


John (Fuller) who made the pictures

"Anyone who meets Sue will see how her mothers love has nurtured her, Sue is bubbley, open and full of life. Through the characters Sue conveys sweet life lessons to her young audience  the important qualities & morals instilled in her by her loving mum."

- John Fuller, Illustrator

Prince William Pottery.jpg

Sue receives the 56 Fishcake Harry drinking mugs from John Taggart.

These were kindly donated to help Alder Hey Charity by The Prince William Potteries based in Edge Lane, Liverpool.

The Stories

A bit about the Author - Sue Smith


The illustrator


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A big Thank You to all the wonderful young people who helped with this book.

Maddie Chapman 5yrs.

Maya & Jude Riozzi aged 9 & 7yrs,
Harvey Fitzpatrick 7yrs.
Esme Kelly 7yrs.
Indie Harper Childs 4yrs.
Tom Heaton 9yrs.
Starssi Rose 4yrs.
Ella Casey 14 yrs.
Leah Smith (my Granddaughter) 15yrs.

Also a Special Thank You to :
John Fuller –Illustrator
Debbie McGowan = Publisher / Beaten Track Publications
Caroline Lobatto & Katherine Millburn  = Refined Marketing


With thanks

To know more about Fishcake Harry & his friends please contact us by email





Since April 2013, Alder Hey Children's Charity has raised over £45.9m.
The money donated from the ''Fishcake Harry" book will help to fund life-saving equipment, vital research and healthcare innovation for The Alder Hey Children's Hospital.
Your help makes a huge difference to the lives of all of the children who attend Alder Hey Hospital.